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Fleurot Larose     Le Montrachet Grand Cru     2009 (BW-FL-G-LEMO-09)

Said to be « the best white Burgundy”, this is a beauty! Produced on a very chalky soil, this is a refine wine bristling with flavor, length and complexity, offering fine aromas of almond and honey with a hint of orange peel. All purity and finesse with its potential evident on the long finish.






Fleurot Larose     Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru     2009 (BW-FL-G-BAMO-09)

The vines root deeper than his famous neighbor Le Montrachet on a similar chalky soil. Color is gold flecked with emerald, bouquet offers notes of butter, dried fruits, spices and honey. Beautifully unctuous and firm, dry and caressing.






Capitain-Gagnerot     Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru     2007 (BW-CG-G-COCH-07)

From 35 year old vines, with fragrances of white flowers (acacia, honeysuckle), this superb white burgundy Grand Cru delivers a nice toasted flavor and fine honey aroma with a great natural balanced structure.







Poisot     Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru     2009 (BW-PO-G-COCH-09)

From vines averaging 50 years old, this parcel is located at the top of the Corton hillside, on a perfect South-East exposure.

With a superb gold color, this is a rich and powerful wine, delivering refined floral notes of fresh fruits and white flowers, with plenty of mineral and an incredible long finish






Boillot     Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru, Les Perrieres     2008 (BW-BO-P-PMLP-08)

Boillot     Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru, Les Perrieres     2010 (BW-BO-P-PMLP-10)

A bright golden yellow with glints of gold-green color, the nose is intense floral with light notes of hawthorn for this mineral-tinged classy and harmonious white.





Fleurot Larose     Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru, Clos Roquemaure -M     2009 (BW-FL-P-CMCR-09)

this wine is exclusive to the domaine as a “monopole”. The 50+ year old vines deliver a bright straw-colored wine, with a nice toasted flavor and fine flint aromas.







Fleurot Larose     Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru, Abbaye de Morgeot     2008 (BW-FL-P-CMAM-08)

This wine is the Chardonnay grape dressed in glittering gold! Aromas of mayflower, acacia and honeysuckle blend with hazelnut and toast. This wine boasts a profound minerality (flint), with roundness and opulence over a very nice persistence.






Capitain-Gagnerot     Ladoix 1er Cru, Les Hautes Mourottes     2009 (BW-CG-P-LXLM-09)

a bright straw-colored wine with aromas verging on acacia and a typical bouquet combining an impressive array of ripe apple, plum, quince, fig flavors and spicy notes.

Vivacious and firm, this is a wine offering a fine balance of opulence and freshness.






Capitain-Gagnerot     Ladoix 1er Cru, Les Grechons et Foutrieres     2010 (BW-CG-P-LXLF-10)

a bright straw-colored wine with aromas verging on acacia and a typical bouquet combining an impressive array of ripe apple, plum, quince, fig flavors and spicy notes.

Vivacious and firm, this is a wine offering a fine balance of opulence and freshness.






Virely-Rougeot     Meursault 1er Cru, Les Charmes     2009 (BW-VR-P-MSLC-09)

This Meursault Premier Cru is produced in an area of the calcareous clay type, with predominantly white marl, the ideal soil for the production of world famous Burgundy white wines. Grapes are hand-picked, pressing is followed by settling while alcoholic fermentation is done in oak barrels until the end of the malo-lactic fermentation.

The process delivers a rich, full and fleshy bright wine, typical of the Meursault appellation.





Vincent Prunier     Saint Aubin 1er Cru, en Remilly     2009 (BW-VP-P-SAER-09)

Color of sunshine, with golden highlights, it combines aromas of white flowers, flint, green almond and orange-flower. This is a firm and flattering wine.







Marie Heulerat     Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru, Les Vergers     2009 (BW-MH-P-CMLV-09)

Almost half an hectare of vines located below the famous Chassagne quarry. Roots lay on stones to provide a straightforward and fresh wine, with floral notes.



Marie Heulerat     Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru, Morgeot     2009 (BW-MH-P-CMMO-09)

This superb white originates from the hamlet of Morgeot close to Chassagne-Montrachet, with a north-south exposure. This is a wine of great intensity yet well balanced and harmonious, with a generous array of fruit flavors.



Marie Heulerat     Chassagne-Montrachet, Les Charrieres     2009 (BW-MH-V-CMLC-09)

These vines were planted in 1949, next to the parcel of the famous Grand cru Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet to produce a full-bodied wine, with great persistence over fine aromas of apricot and citrusy notes.



Marie Heulerat     Chassagne-Montrachet “Clos Devant”     2009 (BW-MH-V-CMCD-09)

These vines, located right at the village entrance, were planted in the middle of the 1960’, half in Pinot noir and half in Chardonnay. They produce an elegant wine offering a sense of energy and freshness



JL Chavy     Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru, Les Folatieres     2009 (BW-JC-P-PMLF-09)

One of the prime Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru. Its name originates from “folle terre” or “soil gone mad” as it is located in the steepest part of the vineyard. From a light, chalky soil not very deep due to the presence of a reef.

An extreme finesse and a great elegance, sustained by complex body and aromas that will reveal over time. A great acidity level confers an excellent aging potential.


Rateau     Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Beaune     2011
Dressed in a bright glittering gold color, this is a very fine and aromatic wine, with white flowers notes and a well-balanced acidity.

Remarks : Available until stocks last